Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hooded Girl from the New 52 (week 3)

The Hooded Girl (or The Strange Woman) from the splash page in Flashpoint #5 is appearing in every issue of the New Rejiggered 52. I snapped her appearances in the 8 titles I picked up this week and also dug around ( to find the rest of the appearances. So far she has shown up 41 times (my extra Suicide Squad #1 appearance included). Check out week three's appearances below and her appearance last week and the week before.

(image from www.bleeding

The Hooded Girl makes a very poignant appearance in Batman #1. She appears at the beginning of the book standing in front of the closed down Majestic Theater.

In Captain Atom #1 I was afraid I was going to miss seeing her, but she was really easy to find.

In the very, very sexually charged issue of Catwoman #1 the Hooded Girl is in the background in the Russian club.

In DC Universe Presents: Deadman #1 the Hooded Girl pops up early on in the book, but she is actually in the past watching Boston Brande before he became Deadman. Creepy.

While John Stewart gives a "construct" presentation to some business execs the Hooded Girl watches intently in Green Lantern Corps #1.

The Hooded Girl appears in the 31st century in Legion of Super-Heroes #1 about halfway through the book.

I am going to pick up Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, but we were shorted this title at the shop. Again...DAMN YOU DIAMOND!
(image from www.bleeding

In Wonder Woman #1 the Hooded Girl was hard to spot for me, but I found her near the end watching two centaurs bear down on Zeus's pregnant little sexual plaything. Did I spoil something there?

Here are the Hooded Girl's appearances in the titles I didn't pick up this week:

Birds of Prey #1 appearance
(image from www.bleeding

Blue Beetle #1 appearance
(image from www.bleeding

Nightwing #1 appearance
(image from www.bleeding

Supergirl #1 appearance
(image from www.bleeding

Who is she, and why is she appearing everywhere and anytime? We will just have to wait to find out.


  1. I love this easter egg hunt. I saw her in every book I read this week. Almost missed her in Birds of Prey.

  2. I'm curious to see if they continue to have her appear in the #2's. I'm also curious to see if Waldo shows up too.