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Suicide Squad Reading List

List Updated: 12/03/2014

*Note: This Reading Order List is not final.*

On The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 24 we focused the entire podcast on the DC super villain team the Suicide Squad. Our gracious guests Ryan Scott and Gage gave us an in depth and honest look at this eclectic team, thrown together by the government, to carry out suicide missions so they can work time of of their prison sentences. Ryan Scott is such a fan that he contributed a lot of great information about the Suicide Squad on Wikipedia. He had contributed so much information Wikipedia removed some material, because it was to in depth. So, if you want more info on the Suicide Squad go here, and you will have info aplenty.
Gage was nice enough to provide a Suicide Squad reading / appearance list since the series hasn't been collected in trade. I have personally used this list to help compile my Suicide Squad mapping so I can have the issues bound. Hopefully this helps guide you when it comes to reading Suicide Squad. Here is the list for you to check out:

Pre-Super-powered Squad:

Brave & Bold #25-27, 37-39
Star Spangled War Stories #110 and 111, 116-121, 125, 127 and 128

Modern Day Squad:

Collects Legends mini-series #1-6
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This is where the modern Suicide Squad begins, and where Amanda Waller is introduced to the DC Universe.

Suicide Squad (1987) - Volume 1

Trail By Fire (Vol.1)
Collects - Secret Origins #14 and Suicide Squad #1-8
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Or you can read the single issues in this order:

Secret Origins #14
Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #1, 2, 3, 4
Firestorm (Vol. 2) #64, and Annual #5
Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #5, 6, 7, 8

The Suicide Squad series has a brief tie in with the events of Millennium (specifically in Millennium #4), and a few other books that also tied in with the Millennium event.
Collects -  Millennium #1-8
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Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #9
Detective Comics #582
Captain Atom (Vol. 1) #11
Spectre (Vol. 2) #10

After Millennium The Suicide Squad does there own thing for a bit, and they have a few crossovers with the Doom Patrol and the Justice League International (JLI). Most of these issues are currently not collected in a physical trade paperback form. You can read some of them digitally though, and I have included the links for you to check out.

Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #10
Suicide Squad/Doom Patrol Special
Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #11 and 12 League International Vol. 2
Collects - Justice League International #8-13, Annual #1 & Suicide Squad #13
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The two issue crossover with the Justice League International begins with JLI #13, and finishes with Suicide Squad #13.

After reading the JLI crossover you will want to go pick up Secret Origins #28. In this issue Nightshade's origin is retold as a flashback, and the story is a prelude to the Nightshade Odyssey story arc that runs through Suicide Squad #14-16.

Secret Origins #28
Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #14, 15, 16, 17, 18

After the Nightsahde Odyssey, and the return of Jihad it seems like as good a time as any to take a look at one member of the Suicide Squad...Deadshot.
Deadshot: Beginnings
Collects - Deadshot #1-4, Batman #369, and Detective Comics #474 & 518
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You should read the following issues in this order:

Deadshot (1st miniseries) #1 and 2
Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #19
Deadshot (1st miniseries) #3 and 4
Manhunter (Vol. 1) #6
Suicide Squad Annual (Vol. 1) #1
Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #20, 21, 22
Manhunter (Vol. 1) #7 (Shows how Count Vertigo was captured)
Collects - Invasion! #1-3
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There are alot of tie-ins with the Invasion! story, and overall it isn't one I would highly recommend, but it is a line wide event that the Suicide Squad was apart of, so if you want to check it out go for it otherwise just read the Suicide Squad issue. and move on.

Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #23 (happens between Book #2 and 3 of Invasion)

Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #24, 25, 26

"Janus Directive" crossover event:

Checkmate (Vol. 1) #15
Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #27
Checkmate (Vol. 1)#16
Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #28
Checkmate (Vol. 1) #17
Manhunter (Vol. 1) #14
Firestorm (Vol. 2) #86
Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #29
Checkmate (Vol. 1) #18
Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #30
Captain Atom (Vol. 1) #30.
Firestorm (Vol. 2) #87 ("Janus Directive" Epilogue...kinda)

Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #31-36, 37-54, 55-58
War of the Gods #3
Suicide Squad (Vol. 1) #59-66

All of the following titles are guest appearances or random stories that have some Sucide Squad connection.

Eclipso #11-15 (Amanda Waller leads a team of "Shadow Fighters" made up of squad
regulars Nemesis, Manhunter, Major Victory)

Outsiders (Vol. 2) 5 and 6 (Return of Jihad)

Superboy (Vol. 3) #13, 14, 15 ( Watery Grave 3 part story arc that has the Suicide Squad in it)

Chase #2 and 3

Adventures of Superman #593 and 594

Suicide Squad (2001) - Volume 2

 Suicide Squad #1-12

Superman Secret Files 2004
Checkmate (Vol. 2) #6 and 7
52 #33 and 34
Checkmate (Vol. 2) #18, 19, 20

Suicide Squad (2007) - Volume 3

Suicide Squad: From the Ashes
Collects - Suicide Squad (2007) #1-8
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JLA: Salvation Run
Collects - Salvation Run #1-7
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The New 52:

Suicide Squad (2011) - Volume 4

The New 52 Suicide Squad has been a very solid title. This series is actually a really good place to start if you are interested in getting into the Suicide Squad.
Suicide Squad Vol. 1: Kicked in the Teeth
(Collects - Suicide Squad (2011) #1-7)
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Suicide Squad Vol. 2: Basilisk Rising
(Collects - Suicide Squad (2011) #0,8-13, and Resurrection Man (2011) #9 )
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Suicide Squad Vol. 3: Death is for Suckers
(Collects - Suicide Squad (2011) #14-19)
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Suicide Squad Vol. 4: Discipline and Punish
(Collects - Suicide Squad (2011) #20-23, & the Deadshot and Harley Quinn Villains Month one-shots)
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Suicide Squad Vol. 5: Walled In
(Collects - Suicide Squad (2011) 24-30)
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  1. Hate to bear bad news, but that Suicide Squad: Nightshade Odyssey is cancelled, at least for the October release. We can hope that it'll be rescheduled, but I'm not optimistic.