Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hooded Girl from the New 52 (week 2)

The Hooded Girl (or The Strange Woman) from the splash page in Flashpoint #5 is appearing in every issue of the New Rejiggered 52. I snapped her appearances in the 9 titles I picked up this week and also dug around ( and found the rest of the appearances. So far she has shown up 28 times (maybe 29). Check out week two's appearances below and last week's appearances here.

(image from www.bleeding

The Hooded Girl appears poolside near the end of Batman and Robin #1.

Halfway through Batwoman #1 the Hooded Girl shows up in the background at a crime scene.

In Deathstroke #1 the Hooded Girl appears on the first page in the far left and she looks like she's put on some weight. (Oh and all those guys with guns...they die on the next page.)

While Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris are talking on the street (after she bails him out from jail) is where the Hooded Girl makes her appearance.

The Hooded Girl watches over Grifter after he escapes from being held captive halfway through Grifter #1.

In Legion Lost #1 the Legion may be lost, but the Hooded Girl knows where to find them. She appears here watching the destruction of a small town.

In Red Lanterns #1, as we see the RAGE build up in a man over the death of his grand father we see the Hooded Girl watch from an alley way.

Towards the end of Resurrection Man #1 the Hooded Girl watches Resurrection Man run from the plane crash wreakage. And if I'm not mistaken she seems to have long fingers now.

The Hooded Girl looks on as Deadshot is tortured in the beginning of Suicide Squad #1, but is this her only appearance in Suicide Squad?

It appears that the Hooded Girl also appears in the bottom of the above panel in Deadshot's flashback.

This morning I submitted a tip to Bleeding about this extra appearance of the Hooded Girl in Suicide Squad #1, and they used my image above in their 13 More Appearances of the Strange Woman article. Check it out!

Here are the Hooded Girl's appearances in the titles I didn't pick up this week:

Demon Knights #1 appearance
(image from www.bleeding

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1 appearance
(image from www.bleeding

Mister Terrific #1 appearance
(image from www.bleeding

Superboy #1 appearance
(image from www.bleeding

Who is she, and why is she appearing everywhere and anytime? We will just have to wait to find out.


  1. It is so pretty and feminine now! Thanks for the sharing, those pictures are really wonderful!

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  2. I spotted her in all the books I got this week. Except that first one in Suicide Squad where Deadshots being tortured. I did see her in her second appearance in the same issue.

  3. That's how it was for me. I think because when you hold a comic it bends and the stuff near the middle is sometimes looked over.