Friday, September 2, 2011

Comics Conspiracy: Digital Comics

Interested in getting into digital comics and want to support The Comic Conspiracy in the process?

Well then use our digital comics storefront at We will get a percentage of any digital comic purchases you make, and that helps use keep our doors open and The Comic Conspiracy going.

You can find all of DC's new line of books as well as other independent titles through this website (Marvel books cannot be found here sorry not our fault). So, use the link above, the digital comics button on the Comics Conspiracy website or the link on the right hand column under Connected Worlds. Thank you for your continued support of the podcast and store.


  1. This is great news! Now I dont have to hide the fact that Im a digital reader! Plus, I can now support the store. Ive been buying a lot of books lately, so I hope digital readers like myself make a lasting impact on the stores income. Also, It seems strange that Marvels not up there. Didn't notice it when I used the store yesterday. I'll hold off on buying Marvel stuff until I can get it thru the store.

  2. Alfredo,

    Thank you for your support of the store. And you should never have to hide the fact that you are a digital reader. You are still reading comics books. Marvel comics are not available through Comixology because they want readers to get digital comics directly through them. This may change in the future because people like you want one place to get your comic books online. They better wise up in my opinion. Thanks again for the support.

  3. Just got an Asus Transformer and will hit up the CC digital store for some stuff. Now i just wish they would post more Graphic Novels on there...

  4. Ralph V.

    That would be nice because some people want trade digital books instead of single issues.