Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hooded Girl from the New 52 (week 4)

The Hooded Girl (or The Strange Woman) from the splash page in Flashpoint #5 is appearing in every issue of the New Rejiggered 52. I snapped her appearances in the 11 titles I picked up this week and also dug around ( to find the rest of the appearances. So far she has shown up 54 times (my extra Suicide Squad #1 appearance included). Check out week four's appearances below and her prior appearances: Week 3, Week 2, and Week 1.

(image from www.bleeding

Popping up in All Star Western #1 which takes place in the 1880's the Hooded Girl appears in the crowded bar at the beginning of the book.

In Aquaman #1 the Hooded Girl appears in the seaside restaurant where Aquaman orders up a meal of Fish & Chips.

Right before the riot/break out at Arkham Asylum in Batman: The Dark Knight #1 the Hooded Girl makes her appearance.

In Blackhawks #1 the Hooded Girl appears right as a bystander snaps a photo of the Blackhawks logo. It almost looks like the Hooded Girl is pissed that the bystander snapped a picture of her.

The Hooded Girl appears in the crowd (big surprise) about halfway through Flash #1.

Near the end of Fury of the Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #1 the Hooded Girl appears in the air watching Ronnie and Jason fight each other.

I guess the Hooded Girl wanted to hear the little boy's comment about Kyle's costume in Green Lantern: New Guardians #1.

The Hooded Girl appears right before the Enchantress's out of control spell defeats Superman, Cyborg and Wonder Woman in Justice League Dark #1.

In Savage Hawkman #1 the Hooded Girl appears toward the end right when Carter becomes Hawkman to battle Morphicius (what a dumb name).

In the crowd (yet again), at the party to unveil the "New Daily Planet Building" in the beginning of Superman #1, is where the Hooded Girl makes her appearance.

The Hooded Girl appears in the shadows after a female agent gives the beat down to some punks in Voodoo #1. (And yes after a good beat down you need to smoke!)

Here are the Hooded Girl's appearances in the titles I didn't pick up this week:

I, Vampire #1 appearance
(image from www.bleeding

Teen Titans #1 appearance
(image from www.bleeding

The Hooded Girl has appeared all month in the "New Rejiggered 52" number ones and it has been fun trying to find her in each issue. Will she be around next month for the number twos? We will just have to see.


  1. I was able to spot her in all my books except in I, Vampire. I remember seeing that panel, but the Hooded Girl looks so much like a tree.

  2. I had to look through the book like three times to find her. Them I put it back on the shelf and borrowed the image from :P