Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I must admit...

Initially I was very skeptical of an African version of Batman that is part of the Batman Incorporated family of books, and I was going to pass on picking it up, but after hearing good reviews from people I decided to give Batwing a try. It honestly, wasn't that bad of a book. In all it is a good read by Judd Winick with amazing art from Ben Oliver. So, I'm going back on what I said before about not picking up this title and will continue to check out the adventures of Batwing.


  1. I went to my local store Monday to look for some of the new 52 issues. All they had was Batwing and OMEC, so I picked up Batwing. I thought it was pretty good. Especially the ending.

  2. Zach,

    Sorry to hear that your local shop didn't have a lot of the New Rejiggered 52 titles. Maybe they got some 2nd prints coming because there are more titles that rock more than Batwing. And yes, Batwing was good. : )