Sunday, September 4, 2011

Random Comic Pick - Episode 21

My random comic pick on The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 21 is the Vertigo title We3 by Grant Morrison and drawn by Frank Quitely. The story follows three animals (a dog, cat and rabbit) who have be altered to be weapons of mass destruction for the military, but their program is being decommissioned. Before the animals can be destroyed they escape, but can they survive in the world or will they destroy anything that gets in their way. We3 is a powerful story about finding your way home.
Quitely does an amazing job on this title. There are so many great panels in this book that catch your eye, seem to jump off the page and even break the rules of panel to panel. If you pick up the hardcover deluxe edition you will get some of the sketches from this series and see the process of the creation process. Check it out!

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