Thursday, May 31, 2012

30,000 Page Hits! (And I Know One Was Higgins)

There have been, as of this post, over 30,000 page hits on Conspirator This is amazing, and all thanks to you, the reader for checking out my little blog corner of the internet, leaving comments, and liking the blog on your social network of choice. The sites popularity is growing (In part due to two Hooded Women; thank you Pandora and Michonne.), and I am going to keep at it to make your visits entertaining.

Quick Timeline:

04/06/11 - 1st post
08/05/11 - 5,000 page hits
10/16/11 - 10,000 page hits
03/14/12 - 20,000 page hits
05/31/12 - 30,000 page hits
The Future - Many More

Remember to keep listening to The Comic Conspiracy, and don't forget to tell your friends about us we want them hooked too.

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