Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Letter to "To Be Continued..."

Brian K. Vaughan asked his readers to send in letters and so I did. Maybe one day I'll see this in print in the back of a Saga issue in the "To Be Continued..." pages. One can hope, but I decided to let everyone read it here. Enjoy:

Dear Brian,

Saga is a great book. I’m enjoying it for numerous reasons. The first being your cross between a world of science fiction and a world of fantasy; it is an interesting mix that makes me curious to see more with every issue.

Another reason why I enjoy Saga is the fact that I am a new father, and I feel that strong parenting bond with these characters. My son Brody turned a year old in May, and this first year with him and his mother (my wonderful girlfriend) has been an awesome adventure.

Saga is an amazing book; keep up the good work, and keep exposing us to the hybrid world you have created. It has a character of its own that I want to see so much more of.

You had a survey in issue two. Here are my answers.

2012 Saga Reader Survey:

01) 32

02) Santa Clara, CA

03) A lot. The average amount of issues on my pull list is about fifteen books. Mostly DC, but Image has started to make a dent. No Marvel titles, because I’m following the advice of Ed Brubaker. I’m voting with my money.

04) I get my books from Comics Conspiracy (www.comicsconspiracy.biz) in Sunnyvale, CA. I also work there, and we record two podcasts at the shop: The Comic Conspiracy which is about comics and relatable content, and The Geekbox which is a gaming podcast. (Both can be found at www.geekbox.net).

05) Hulk would SMASH Rorschach. I wonder what Rorschach pattern this would make on the ground? And would it change?

06) Sure, but I would have to run it by my girlfriend first.

07) Boredom + Stupidity x Any drug = Bad Idea

08) I have not seen Haywire so I cannot comment on this.

09) My second greatest regret is not traveling the world.

10) Twitch or Dust Particle or Worse

11) I haven’t spent enough time in New York to find out.

12) Nope. James Bond is the shit. If he likes his women shaken not stirred then that is his prerogative.

13) I’d give up chocolate. I love cheese burgers, cheese on salad, and tomatoes with sliced cheese to much.

14) Sesame Street Live! It was an early one year birthday present for my son from his mother. I used to do set construction in high school and college, so I’ve seen a fair amount of stage plays. You’ve reminded me to try to go to more. Batman Live might be the next one.

15) He works at Image right?

16) Michelangelo

17) No, but if you are ever in the Bay Area, and would like to have dinner with me and my family let me know.

18) I haven’t seen Lost yet, but it is on my list of TV shows to check out. But if I was stranded on an island I would have to say I would my father to be there, because we would have a better chance of surviving.

19) My last doctor’s appointment.

20) Nope.

21) Neither. I never really went to the library often enough to get to know the librarian, and I stopped playing baseball and soccer, because they didn’t interest me enough. Teachers had a bigger influence on me over the years.

22) I am writing a screenplay with a fellow creator, working on my blog, and I’m trying to capture inspiration to make it into a drug that I can mass produce for myself.

23) Haven’t abandoned any of them, just haven’t gotten a writing schedule down. Being a new father takes up a lot of my time.

24) I am working on it. My replies to your interesting survey will end up on my blog (www.conspiratorbrock.com).

25) A desk. Weary creators’ have to rest their heads on something.

I have some questions for you:

01) What B, C, or D list comic book character is your favorite?

02) What B, C, or D list comic book team is your favorite?

03) What form do you write your comic book scripts in, and is there a good book to read up on this?

04) What is your biggest vice?

05) What pisses you off to no end?

06) When you write what helps you keep focused?

07) Would you want a working bowel disruptor gun or the lasso of truth?

08) What was your first comic book, read or bought that got you hooked on comics?

09) Sandwich or salad?

10) Your alcoholic beverage of choice?

Writing a letter sucks, but I want to thank you for making me do it. Like I’ve already said, keep up the great work and I can’t wait to read more about Alana, Marko and Hazel’s journey, because in some small way I know my own is the same.


Brock Sager

P.S. I had to type this letter because I have chicken scratch handwriting that is best left in the pages of my journals.

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