Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Conspirator Brock's Pull List for 5/9/12

For all of the curious people out there wondering what I like to read week to week here is a list of the titles I am going to be picking up for the week of 5/9/12:

(Note: I have included deep links for some titles if you wish to support Comics Conspiracy when you buy digital comics. I have not included links to Dark Horse books because you cannot support us currently by buying them through our site.)

01. Batgirl #9 DC
02. Batman #9 DC
03. Batman and Robin #9 DC
04. Batman: Arkham Unhinged #2 DC
05. Demon Knights #9 DC
06. Fairest #3 Vertigo
07. Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E #9 DC
08. Green Lantern #9 DC
09. Legion Lost #9 DC
10. Resurrection Man #9 DC
11. Suicide Squad #9 DC

Graphic Novels
Batman: Vol. 1 - The Court Of Owls (HC - collects #1-7) DC

Reading List:

Captain America #11 Marvel
Deathstroke #9 DC
Grifter #9 DC
Higher Earth #1 Boom!
Superboy #9 DC

Interesting week this week. I am looking forward all of the titles on my pull list this week, but some are on the bottom of the pile (save the best for last): Batman, Green Lantern, Resurrection Man, and Suicide Squad. Legion Lost and Superboy continue The Culling cross-over, which will introduce The Ravengers coming out later this month. Lots of good stuff coming out from DC, but I had to move a couple of titles off my pull list, and onto my reading list: Deathstroke and Grifter. Rob Liefeld has taken over writing on both and art on Deathstroke, and I have a strong feeling that these books are going to get the axe soon. I'm reading them to see if I can stomach his art and writing. We will see if either of these books makes it back onto my pull list...doubtful.
I want to commend Marvel for finally doing the right thing and supporting local comic book shops through Comixology. Late to the party, but we are glad you are here.
The week also marks the first time all of the titles on my pull and reading lists are available on Comixology where you can support Comics Conspiracy when you buy your digital comics. Finally!
I am still a little bit behind in my reading , but hopefully I will catch up this week. Now get to your computer or local comic book shop to get your fix; it's New Comic Book Day!
Remember you can now find these titles and more in digital format at our Comics Conspiracy - Comixology Storefront or you can still order comics from us directly by visiting the shop, giving us a call (408) 245-6275, or dropping Ryan an email at

As usual I'll be talking comics on The Comic Conspiracy, and on the Geekbox Forums. Now get out there and enjoy some good old fashioned comic book reading.

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