Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Brock!

I'm sorry I was not able to be on The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 32 this week. I have been really sick since last Thursday. It got pretty bad last night, and Calli and I wanted to be sure that it wasn't Swine Flu or Bird something virus that could be very bad news for Brody; so I ended up at the ER.

(This was Calli's first time seeing me in the hospital. I've seen her in the hospital (not counting Brody's birth) way to many times.)

They said it was most likely this seasons flu and not one of the super viruses, but they did check for bronchitis and pneumonia as well and I seem to be free and clear of those. But I must warn people this season's flu is a vicious beast of severe aches, a cough that hurts your brain, chills, heat flashes, fever and an overall feeling of shit. So, be prepared.
I will return next week!

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