Friday, July 22, 2011

SDCC 2011 Thursday in Review

So much to talk about and hate on that has come out from San Diego Comic Con! Been watching the news from San Diego and I'm still processing all of the information, but here are some of the Day 1 highlights for you.

Clark and Lois No More

Lois Lane's new boy friend is Jonathan Carroll, a Daily Planet co-worker. According to the article from Bleeding it seems Lois is rubbing this new hubby in Clark's face. I guess even if you have the perfect man the grass is greener on the other side. But they were never married in this new Rejiggered Universe...this screams One More Day but that's just me hating.

Batman Panel

Batman isn't really going through much in the way of changes according to the Batman Panel and Morrison had to run out halfway through to get to the Avatar panel, but before he did he said there would be tears. Overall the panel said that things will have a dark feel to them and that they are excited about where the Batman books are heading. Here are some High Res Art from the Batman Panel. I think the new Batman logo is horrid but that's just me hating.

DC's Thursday "The New Rejiggered 52" Panel

As I expected this was just another hype show for what DC is doing in September. One of the hype engines was if you asked a good question you could get a $100 poker chip from Wayne Casino. Here are some of the highlights I have an opinion on:

Didio said, "People talk about numbering, but those numbers don't matter if they end and there's nothing to replace them."
So, Action Comics, Detective Comics and Batman were going to end? Re-numbering is not the right thing to do with these titles Dan.

Paul Levitz apparently said "Fuck" during the panel. I wonder why.
Well I found out...“Number one for the third time! Going to keep doing it, until I do it right!” joked Levitz. “Cornell may have the medieval universe, but I have the whole damn universe to fuck around with.”
I have heard that Levitz vetoed this "New Rejiggered 52" back when he was editor-in-chief but it seems that he is stuck with what DC dishes out to him now. I gathered this from this quote:
"After Levitz said that his vision of the Legion's future era changes every chance he has to start fresh, DiDio opened the floor to questions."
I am definitely going to look into this more.

DiDio said that "the first 52 books are not the only things we're doing," but added that he didn't want to overload the market. He added that "we are not going to miss shipping on any of these books." DiDio noted that fans have stopped buying late titles, so DC is now committed to making sure books arrive at their expected times to hold fans' interest.
So, no late books. We have heard this before and as usual there are always late or shorted books. There I go hating again.

Clarifying a fan's question about Hal Jordan losing his ring yet being in the Justice League, Berganza said that "Justice League" is set five years in the past, as is "Action Comics."
Isn't Action Comics set 10 years in the past? Back to a time when Clark was the only super-hero? I'm confused.

Didio said, "Berganza has a timeline of the new DCU "that you will never see," but one that organizes the new universe. He added that real people "have history, but that doesn't mean you tell people about it all at once." Characters in the new DCU will reveal themselves in the same way."
Okay. Good to know you are with holding something that could help explain "The New Rejiggered 52".

All hype, no real substance from this panel, and nothing was explained again. Maybe tomorrow's panel will be better, but check out the DC High Res Art from Thursday.

Sources: Bleeding and Comic Book

Flashpoint Panel

All that came out of the Flashpoint panel was that there will be a double splash page to get from Flashpoint to "The New Rejiggered 52" in issue #5.

IDW to Publish Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes

Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes is coming to a store near you in October. This six issue series released by IDW (not DC cause that would flood the market) looks to be pretty cool and I will definitely be picking this up! For more info go to, Bleeding or Comic Book

Marvel "Next Big Thing" Panel

Avengers Origins...Don't care. Ultimate books...Don't care. Hulk Of Arabia...Sounds funn, but don't care. The Twelve...Could it actually get done and shipped on time? Probably not. More Deadpool?...Dumb! But there was an interesting thing that came out of this panel. Villains for Hire. Heroes for Hire written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning is being restarted as Villains for hire after Fear Itself and Spider-Island. This feels like the last installment of Heroes for Hire that was restarted after World War Hulk, but DnA have taken the current series and made it gripping and a great read. I laugh every time Misty says "Hero, are you for hire tonight?". I am going to check this title out! For more on DnA's interview about Villains for Hire check out Comic Book

Some other things of note from Thursday:

- The new Alien movie "Prometheus" direct by Ridley Scott...Going to be awesome!
- Frank Miller returns to Empire city with "Holy Terror". Can't wait.
- Vertigo suffers from .1 numbering with .5 numbering...Who thinks this shit is works?
- The Sixth Gun to be a TV show on SyFy.
- Visualization art from the Avengers Movie
- Lots of other things.

Wow! I didn't know it would take this long to sort through the news coming out of San Diego. Need to step up my game. Friday looks even more jam packed with news. A comic book geek's work is never done.

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