Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Comic Pick - Episode 15

My random comic pick on The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 15 is the Vertigo series Y: The Last Man written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Pia Guerra. What if every male mammal on the planet Earth died? This is the question Y: The Last Man asks readers, and at first when I tried to read the first trade "Unmanned" on a friend's recommendation years ago I couldn't get through the book. Not until about three years ago did I give Y: The Last Man a shot. I must say that I am glad I did because Vaughan's view of a post-apocalyptic where the only surviving human male and his monkey are trying to survive in a world of females is interesting and engaging, and overall a great read. I blew through all ten trades as fast as Higgins could order and I could afford them. The series is also now collected in five hardcover books. Either way you read it I hope you give this book a try.

Comics Conspiracy is a great place to order comics by the way.

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