Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Comic Book Binding - Booster Gold

So, Ryan Higgins got his collection of New Warriors comic books bound into a 5 volume set. He used the company Herring & Robinson based out of Brisbane CA, and I must say the collections look amazing. Despite a few little concerns: fold out back covers that got bound closed, the adhesive binding not lasting, and the trimming cutting into the covers, the bound books are a great looking edition to any library.

The series I'm going to get bound as a trial run; is the twenty-five issue 1986 Booster Gold run with the cross-over story from Action Comics #594, and issues #33-35 of Secret Origins (Vol. 2) which include the origin stories of the Justice League International. The team that made Booster Gold and the Ted Kord Blue Beetle famous. If this goes as good as it did for Higgins I'm then going to get the first two volumes of my favorite team book Batman and The Outsiders bound. Can't wait.

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