Saturday, July 23, 2011

SDCC 2011 Friday In Review

A lot of stuff happening down in San Diego for my Friday review; bar fights between Marvel guys and destruction of hotel property, Walking Dead Season 2 trailer, Dan Didio the hype machine, and so much more. Here are my opinionated highlights.

Wild Thursday Night

-If the behavior of your employees is any reflection of the company then the Marvel offices must look like a scene out of Fight Club. A Marvel editor and writer went at each other in Hyatt hotel bar and had to be separated and taken out before the cops came.
-Dynamite’s Nicky Barrucci knocked over a glass bowl at a hotel shattering it as fans applauded.
-One nameless comic book creator received a Mason jar of contraband and a bottle of Jim Bean from a fan.
-And of course Stan "The Man" Lee was everywhere with you ladies on his arms posing for photos.

Sounds like the Comic Geek Night life is as savage as the Jersey Shore crowd on any given night; Drugs, Shit Breaking, Booze, Broads, No Bullets, but you get the idea. Partying at SDCC sounds like it is off the hook and the potential to score a night to remember with one of those cos-players goes up. Shouldda hung out man!

Marvel Same Day and Date Digital Before DC

Marvel announced that Amazing Spider-Man #666 will start the push to digital comics and that by the end of the year the big Spider-man and X-Men books will be available for digital download the same day they come out in stores.
I don't care, but hey way to beat DC...Not.

HBO Game Of Thrones Panel

The panel was packed and many didn't get in, but we did find out that there will be a second season and that there maybe more. Hopefully George R. R. Martin can finish the other two books in a timely fashion. He is hopeful himself.
I am excited that Game of Thrones has been picked up for another season and I can't wait to get the first season on Blu-Ray.

X-Men Panel

A lot of changes coming to the X-Men Universe, but nothing really peaks my interest. Uncanny is being re-numbered and that is a disappointment, but all of you X-Men die hards who have wanted to jump ship can do so now with the re-numbering. If you liked Jim Lee's poster cover of X-Men #1 check out the 20th anniversary edition coming to a local shop near you. It has been re-inked and looks good. I might have to procure a copy for my self.

Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer!

It looks as awesome as the first season and I can't wait!

Amazing Spider-Man and His Avenging Friends Panel

Looks like Spider Island is not only giving everyone and their Aunt the powers of Spider-man, but it is also opening the doors to a slew of Spider-man family books. Didn't Marvel learn their lesson with the failure of all the Spider-man books that were out before Brand New Day? I guess not. But hey you can pick up the new Avenging Spider-man drawn by the always on time and finisher of books, Joe Madureira. I give it two issues before it is late or never going to be finished except with filler artists. On on to something else.

DC's Superman Panel

Despite my disappointment with Action Comics being re-numbered I am looking forward to Grant Morrison's take on the early days off the Man of Steel in this "New Rejiggered 52" as well as George Perez's take on the present Superman. The panel had a lot of info and a little bit of hype, but the creative teams on Action Comics and Superman are solid and we know they care deeply about the story and characters, and not so much the hype engine.
When it comes to the Super Family books: Supergirl and Superboy I have no interest.
I am looking forward to Superman: Earth One Volume 2 by J. Michael Straczynski and from what has been said it is going to be filled with the dilemma can Superman have regular sex?
From newsarama: “Another image depicts Superman with his neighbor Lisa, who is attracted to him, and they’re discussing how he’s not sure if he can have normal sexual relations. After a fight with Parasite, Superman temporarily loses his powers, and then at the end of that finds out that he missed his chance to have sex.”
This will appeal to the pervert in all of us. Overall I think this article is worth a complete read so click on the title above to check it out or check out Bleeding or

DC's Justice League Panel

Overall a good article about the Justice League, but they focused on specific characters more so than the overall team. Click the title to read the article, much like the Superman panel. Enjoy.

High Res Art from DC

Friday had so much to sort through I'm getting information overload and Saturday's News looks like a lot to. The work is never done. Check back for updates because I'm going to be working on these posts over the next week.

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