Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Comic Conspiracy Drinking Game

Here is the semi-official guidelines for drinking while listening to The Comic Conspiracy. I will update this as more ideas come in from our listeners.

Check out The Comic Conspiracy or Geekbox Drinking Game Thread to post your ideas for when a player should take a drink, drink for the duration of, or chug till it is done.

Remember never ever drink in excess, don't drive or operate machinery (this includes the internet and cellphones) while intoxicated and Always Drink Responsibility. Good luck.

You take a drink when Ryan...

- suddenly becomes a fanatic apologist for something universally terrible
- says "shorter episode this week" or "we're out of time" and lies
- begins a sentence with "I may be completely wrong on this"
- talks about 80's music to no one in particular
- forgets something important and says "but it's too late to talk about it"
- but then he does anyway (drink again)
- brings up the unappreciated (?) film franchise Twilight
- casually name drops Geoff Johns or Grant Morrison
- screws up and/or steps on Brock's intro again
- hates doing the random comic book pick of the week
- anytime he forgets the name of someone or something
- says Frank Quiet-ly instead of Frank Quitely
- says the word "juicy" in a creep-o way
- tries to defend liking the Green Lantern Movie

You take a drink when Brock...

- talks about his kid
- threatens Higgins with physical harm
- takes a pot-shot at Marvel
- makes a self-deprecating joke about being fat
- name-drops his blog (Outro doesn't count)
- talks about organizing back-stock and/or bitches about renumbering
- goes off mic and says "uhhhh" while looking at the rack
- mentions the word "rejiggered" and giggles like a schoolgirl
- screws up the address of his own blog (www.conspiratorbrock.com)
- goes crazy due to Higgins shenanigans

You chug till it is done...

- When Brock laments living in the Bay Area/California
- When Ryan has some catastrophe happen to his house or store

Please Drink Responsibly.

Contributors: Rodney, Coctopus, Kenzo

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