Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Midnight Shooting

A human tragedy happened in America the night of the midnight release for "The Dark Knight Rises", when a man in a gas mask burst into a Century Theaters in Aurora Colorado throwing gas canisters, and opening fire on a packed house of movie goers. Twelve people are confirmed dead at this time, and 58 others were wounded. The gun man who has been identified James Holmes was arrested at the scene, but during initial questioning he reveled that there was a bomb in his apartment. When investigators arrived on the scene they found booby traps, and began the daunting task of safely disarming the traps, and bombs while trying to keep evidence from being destroyed. This is still an ongoing event, and all of our Nation’s thoughts, and prayers should be with the victims, and people of Aurora Colorado.


  1. Florida is going to be the first state with one million concealed carry GUNS. When everyone has guns - things will be safer, right? Also, they're always in the top 5 violent crime states. Doh.

    1. I'm not for guns or against them. I'm definitely against stupid people carrying guns though.

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