Monday, July 16, 2012

#Dirty Laundry...Watch and Share

Dirty Laundry is a short film about the Punisher, but not about the Punisher, because of obvious legal reasons, debuted at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, and it is a masterpiece of short cinema. Directed by Phil Joanou, and starring Thomas Jane (remember he was Frank Castle in the good Punisher movie) and Ron Perlman (of Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy fame). All I can say is that after watching this I really fucking want to see a new Punisher movie done with this intensity, and of course the gore and violence would have to be in it to. See for yourself.

Now I really need to get to reading those Garth Ennis Punisher books. Oh and here is the beautiful Tim Bradstreet logo from Dirty Laundry.

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