Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Tuesday, Ryan Said What? 7/3/12

It has been an interesting two days a the shop with the carpets getting cleaned, electrical fires being avoided, and a credit card machine disaster, which I'm surprised I don't have more to post, but Ryan kept his cool through most of it so I don't have much to say about that.
What I do have is Ryan was talking about his love for MLP, Internet Rule 34, Bronies, and Clopping. Now that I'm typing this maybe I should have just recorded the whole conversation. Anyway the reason why I bring those things up is this question was eventually asked by one of our customers:

"What do you call fapping to comic books?"

To which Higgins replied without skipping a beat:

"Sealing the mylars."

So, now you know what to call it when you spank it to Starfire you are in fact "Sealing the Mylars."

Ryan Higgins becomes a different person on Tuesdays and yes he does swear like a sailor once the doors close at 6.

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