Thursday, July 12, 2012

10 Random Questions: Ethan Van Sciver

I asked some creators ten random questions, and Ethan Van Sciver was nice enough to respond. Here are his responses to my ten random questions:

01) What B, C, or D list comic book character is your favorite?

Plastic Man

02) What B, C, or D list comic book team is your favorite?

The Inferior Five

03) What form do you write your comic book scripts in, and is there a good book to read up on this?

"I've never written a script!"

04) What is your biggest vice?

"Collecting movies and getting those movies autographed. It's a sickness."

05) What pisses you off to no end?

"Being gravely misunderstood."

06) When you draw what helps you keep focused?

"Caffeine and audiobooks."

07) Would you want a working Bowel Disruptor Gun or the Lasso of Truth?

"Tough choice. The Bowel Disruptor Gun would be more fun, but the lasso is more useful. I'd go with the Lasso of Truth."

08) What was your first comic book, read or bought that got you hooked on comics?

Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men #1 (1987)

09) Sandwich or salad?


10) Your alcoholic beverage of choice?

"A dark beer. Guinness."

Thank you Ethan for your candid answers, and especially for responding to my questions. Keep up the good work, and if we ever meet in person a Guinness is on me.

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