Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Comics Are Bad! More Proof Fox News Is Not Real Journalism

Today I stumbled across this ridiculous article posted on It seems that the new 52 from DC is said to be "fictionalized playboy for kids." This is new to me. The article was about an ad that was being aired to plug a special report from Washington DC TV Station Fox 5 that stated "relaunched comics using sex and violence to sell." It sounded like a gag news report from The Onion, but to my bewilderment it wasn't.

I actually watched the news segment and was shown yet another reason why Fox News is not capable of giving people truthful journalism. Even worse this was from the news station based out of our nation's capital.
Here are some of the examples of shit journalism in the news segment:

- DC is the only comic book company attacked in the piece.
- Not once is the fact that Archie comics now has a gay character.
- The "new rejiggered 52" is only talked about as a sexed up, extremely violent take on the books and not what it actually was...a rejiggering.
- Starfire is brought up yet again as a misleading character for young girls. Starfire started in the comic books as the Teen Titans sex symbol, and she was "kiddiefied" for Cartoon Network.
- I didn't know that Catwoman was being aimed at kids since it has a T+ rating. Wait did that lady who gave her seven year old daughter Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 figure Catwoman would be good for her daughter too?
- Some quotes from people who seem to have a negative opinion, a professional who is spouting flashy quotes like "fictionalized playboy" to grab your attention and make you think he has something of merit to say, and throw in the a comic shop owner who is a Marvel lover and so saying crap about DC won't be a stretch for him.
- But the biggest piece of crap journalism comes from reporter Sherri Ly (#SherriLyFox5) who actually takes these "fictionalized playboys," I mean comic books which are rated T for teen and T+ to a middle school to get a reaction from kids and parents!

Seriously this is journalism today? The best part of the report came when the news anchor said that DC declined to comment. Why would they comment on your news segment? It was just cannon fodder for ratings and based on nothing factual.

Here are some facts:

- DC rejiggered the universe to hopefully improve sales
- Kids don't read comics.
- Adults read comics.
- There is a gap in comic books when it comes to reading; the "All Ages" rating jumps to the Teen rating with nothing in between. It's like there is no PG for comic readers.
- Sex and violence in comics isn't a new topic.
- TV rots your brain. Read comics.
- Fox News is not a credible news source.
- I showed the news segment to Calli and she laughed. She also said my room was full of "fictionalized porn" and she was going to tell my mother.

I could go on, but I need to go read some of my "fictionalized porn" before I go to bed.


  1. Ugh, i don't want to watch that, i know it'll just make me angry.

    1. But it is like a car wreck, you don't want to look but you do.

    2. True. Yet I ended up watching it... christ. And yeah it made me somewhat angry. Car wreck, indeed.

    3. Did it make you angry because it was a horrible news report that is not held accountable for the false image it gave DC comics or because there are people who will watch it and actually believe the crap Fox News puts out.

    4. Both, but especially the latter.

  2. Fox News is junk. I approve this message.

  3. These sensationalist stories get more attention from pissed off nerds than pissed off parents.

    1. That is very sad. I just feel bad for that bunch of kids who cried themselves to sleep after mommy went crazy and burned their fictionalized porn in the fireplace.

    2. When I was in kindergarten at the behest of my teacher, my mother disposed of my entire collection of Garbage Pail Kids. At the time I was obviously gutted, but looking back at them now I completely understand why rational adults wouldn't have wanted those in the hands of a six year old. The adults reporting on this are far from rational. There's no reason a child should ever be brought into a discussion about any medium involving rooftop fucking or bloody violence.