Thursday, June 21, 2012

DC Needs To Hire This Guy!

Ryan Higgins showed this to me the other day, and I just had to post it up here. A cartoonist from Washington named Calamity Jon Morris decided to redesign DC comics Archive editions. His designs look fantastic. They are so cool looking that I would be interested in getting some archive volumes if they looked like this (and weren't re-inked, edited or in general "fucked with" content wise).
If you want to see more of these amazing designs click here. I can just see a set of Legion of Super Heroes, Green Lantern, Batman, and my want list would go on and on.
Needless to say again, but I will, "DC NEEDS TO HIRE THIS GUY!"

"Just imagine how nice these spines would look on your book shelf."

For high res photos click here


  1. I bet they get some intern to design these editions. Fans clamour for them, but never end up buying them. So they're not going to waste design resources on it. Same old story.