Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Conspirator Brock's Pull List for 6/20/12

For all of the curious people out there wondering what I like to read week to week here is a list of the titles I am going to be picking up for the week of 6/20/12:

(Note: I have included deep links for some titles if you wish to support Comics Conspiracy when you buy digital comics. I have not included links to Dark Horse books because you cannot support us currently by buying them through our site.)

01. Batwoman #10 DC
02. Captain Atom #10 DC
03. Catwoman #10 DC
04. DC Universe Presents: Savage #10 DC
05. Fables #118 Vertigo
06. Green Lantern Corps #10 DC
07. Legion of Super-Heroes #10 DC
08. Red Hood and the Outlaws #10 DC
09. Saga #4 Image
10. Star Wars - Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm #5 Dark Horse
11. Unwritten #38 Vertigo

Graphic Novels
Hellblazer, John Constantine: Vol. 3 - The Fear Machine Vertigo
(collects #14-22)

Reading List:

Astonishing X-Men #51 Marvel
Avengers Vs X-Men #6 Marvel
Before Watchmen: Comedian #1 of 6 DC
Daredevil #14 Marvel
Winter Soldier #7 Marvel

Fairly light week for me this week. I'm okay with that. It gives me some breathing room to pick up other things like toys, t-shirts, or in this week's case a very nice third volume of Hellblazer. I was hesitant at first to attempt to read through this still ongoing series in the previous trade format, because it was by name not volume number, but DC did something right and started to reissue this trade collection with volume numbers. Needless to say I started reading it with volume one, and now I'm hooked. Give it a try if you are so inclined.
Besides my graphic novel grab this week I'm looking forward to Saga, DC Universe Presents, Green Lantern Corps, Catwoman, and Fables. I would be listing Justice League, but it got pushed back to next week. Let's hope it doesn't become the first "New 52" title to ship a month late.
As for my reading list:
1) I threw Astonishing X-Men on there to see how Marvel does a gay marriage.
2) I'm actually excited about Avengers Vs X-Men because we finally don't have to look at John Romita Jr. art. I have one question though; why is Cyclops wearing Nightwing Armor?
3) Before Watchmen has yet to really wow me enough to buy single issues.
4) And to be honest, Daredevil hasn't been really holding my interest. It may get cut from the reading list. We will see.
Well thank you for stopping by. Now go out to your local comic shop or another browser window, and get your fix on this new comic book day.

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