Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Comic Pick - Episode 48

There was no individual pick for The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 48 this week because we reviewed DC's "New 52". Here are some of my top books from the "New 52", in no particular order:

All Star Western
Suicide Squad
Resurrection Man
Swamp Thing
Animal Man
Justice League

There are my some of my top reads from the "New 52". Maybe another title or two will sneak in there or leave when we hit the year mark; we'll just have to wait and see.

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  1. Hey Brock - if you've got any secret emails, tell Comixology to take Adobe Flash and shove it up their anus, and make an HTML5 site. I'm primed to make an embarrassment of purchases at the CC site.

    1. From what Higgins has told me Comixology is working on getting the comic shop digital storefronts to HTML5, but they aren't working fast enough and I think that needs to change because you as a digital customer should get what you want how you want. Mind if I quote you on Twitter?

    2. Anything you want man. I'm not afraid to use shame to get results

  2. The ones i've read that are on your list (Animal Man, SS, Batman), would be on my top picks as well. Except JL, which i still like but I'd expect a bit more considering the talent on the book.

    1. It is fun and amazing read, but yes, there needs to be just a little bit more.