Monday, February 20, 2012

Random Comic Pick - Episode 46

It has been two weeks since there has been an official random comic pick of the week from us conspirators; I know we suck. So, I am happy to say this week that my random comic pick on The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 46 is the new Image title by Robert Kirkman & Nick Spencer with art by Shawn Martinbrough, Thief of Thieves #1.
The story follows Conrad Paulson a professional thief who can get anything he wants, but there is something he cannot get; the life he left behind. The first issue is a grabbing introduction to Conrad's world and it leaves you wanting to read more. I would recommend getting your hands on a copy (don't steal it) to see for yourself. It is a great book that has potential to be a memorable one; that will always steal your attention.

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