Sunday, February 12, 2012

Marvel Why You So Bad?

There has been some news this week about Marvel. First off Marvel Comics Publisher Dan Buckley had a two part interview on Comic Book Resources about the company's sales performance in 2011, his take on the January competition from DC, questions of pricing, double shipping, the company's 2012 strategy from "Avengers Vs. X-Men" to "The Avengers" film, upcoming convention attendance and digital comics. Both parts were long and very difficult to get through, but all I got out of it was the Marvel hype machine working in overdrive trying to justify holding the line at $3.99, getting you interested in Marvel again, and in general just a bunch of fluff about a comic book company that in recent years hasn't been, in my estimation, putting out quality titles.
I know most of you are tired of me "bashing" on Marvel, but they make it so easy to do. I would love to say: that I've been blown away by the stories in the X-Books, that Bendis's Avengers are the stuff of legend, that Iron Man and Captain America are deep and engaging titles, and that I'm in general excited about the things that are going on at Marvel, but I won't. Marvel has for the past year been spinning their wheels trying to keep up with what DC is doing in this market. Marvel is failing and not in small ways.
One failure is this past month Marvel didn't have a title in the top ten best selling single issues which lead to the joke going around the internet that, "All of Marvel lost to Aquaman last month"...priceless.
Another is story quality. Look at Fear Itself which was a horrible story that never seemed to have an end, Schism which was lame and is anyone really reading Fearless or Battle Scars?
Then there is the renumbering of the Uncanny X-Men and the "X-Civil War" which has given many long time fans a great place to jump off the X-Books.
Most of all there is this unspoken thought at Marvel, "We're Holding Our Line at $3.99, would you like a poly-bag and digital code with that 20 page comic?" How does Marvel expect to stay on top of the dollar share in this industry? A better question would be, how long will this mentality last in this economy?
Finally Marvel has a huge tendency to double ship. Stop doing this! Most stores don't want your non-returnable garbage that isn't going to sell. Especially for $5.99. Don't quote me, but I wouldn't doubt that we will be giving Marvel Point One away on Free Comic Book Day.
All these articles with Marvel execs do is add more fuel to the fire in regards to the backwards publishing practices that have given us decades of Marvel trash. I want to be wowed when I read comics and Marvel does nothing to wow me. And they even have the name that is synonymous with wow. Marvel you need to get you heads out of your asses and be the comic book publisher that this old true believer can get behind again. You can start by fixing this bull shit with Gary Friedrich and doing the "right" thing. Just a suggestion.
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  1. Sleazy retail tactics are so crude. I hope DC can keep up the momentum, but the quality has obviously been there for some time now.

    1. That is true. The Marvelites have been brain washed by those sleazy tactics. I should start a support group.