Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Tuesday, Ryan Said What? 12/6/11

Ryan was on fire today, but that is to be expected when it's Tuesday, and he had to de-polybag a bunch of comics from "I won't say the publisher", but you might be able to figure it out. Here are some of the highlights of what Ryan said today about kids:

"Let the internet deal with them. Comixology can have them. I don't want them."

"Let him be curious and stupid elsewhere."

"Kids like me...We have a similar reading level and we can relate when it comes to upper body strength."

"Lock them up until they are 18."

And there were two other good quotes:

"Fun to me is the absence of people."

"Maybe he sent a picture of his cock."

Ryan Higgins becomes a different person on Tuesdays and yes he does swear like a sailor once the doors close at 6.

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