Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Conspirator Brock's Pull List for 12/7/11

For all of the curious people out there wondering what I like to read week to week here is a list of the titles I am going to be picking up for the week of 12/7/11:

(Note: I have included deep links for some titles if you wish to support Comics Conspiracy when you buy digital comics. I have not included links to Marvel or Dark Horse books because you cannot buy them through our site.)

01. Action Comics #4 DC
02. Amazing Spider-Man #675 Marvel
03. Animal Man #4 DC
04. Batwing #4 DC
05. Detective Comics #4 DC
06. Green Arrow #4 DC
07. Huntress #3 of 6 DC
08. Justice League International #4 DC
09. Red Lanterns #4 DC
10. Stormwatch #4 DC
11. Swamp Thing #4 DC

The fourth month of the "New Rejiggered 52" starts up this week and I'm still enjoying most of the titles that DC started out with back in September. Stormwatch though isn't holding my attention and it maybe cut from my pull list after this week and Amazing Spider-Man better catch me with this new Vulture story arc or it's gonna get the axe too.
Action Comics, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, and Detective Comics this week; lots of good reads ahead of me. This is good because last week's light comic releases left me really wanting more. Calli got her copy of Huntress and was excited to finally have something to read. You should get out there and get to some reading.

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As usual I'll be talking comics on The Comic Conspiracy, and on the Geekbox Forums. Now get out there and enjoy some good old fashioned comic book reading.


  1. I would +1 this but I don't know what the hell that means. I'm using a 9600 baud modem. Marvel sucks.

  2. Action and Detective both stunk. DC sucks.

  3. Eric,

    I have to agree with you a little. Action and Detective this week were not up to the standard DC set with the "rejiggering". And as to DC sucking...they are not publishing the R.E.B.E.L.S. Vol. 5 trade to finish off the current series and Higgins just told me today that they are canceling the soft cover trades for Justice League: Generation Lost; so yes, DC does suck!