Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Tuesday, Ryan Said What? 12/20/11

Ryan hasn't had any real good one liners lately, and today I was surprised at how calm he was all day, especially since the saver books filled two long boxes. But, late in the day Ryan had a rush of oddness spout forth. Here are a couple of those comments:

"I'm not a steam sexual."

"Shit, another dumb book."
(When I used the speech to text feature on my phone to get this down it came out "I shit weather dumb but." Gotta love technology.)

The Thursday Guy (our friend and person who works on Thursdays at the shop) was at the shop this evening, and I was pushing his buttons about Nightwing being a blah character. He had this to say while telling me I was wrong and would get beat down if I kept up with my Nightwing bashing:

"It should have been Dickpoint not Flashpoint."

Obviously he needs to be on the podcast. I keep asking him, but he declines every time. I will keep at it.

Ryan Higgins becomes a different person on Tuesdays and yes he does swear like a sailor once the doors close at 6.

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