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Conspirator Brock's Pull List for 11/21/12

For all of the curious people out there wondering what I like to read week to week here is a list of the titles I am going to be picking up for the week of 11/21/12:

(Note: I have included deep links for some titles if you wish to support Comics Conspiracy when you buy digital comics. I have not included links to Dark Horse books because you cannot support us currently by buying them through our site.)

01. Batwoman #14 DC
02. Bleeding Cool #1
03. Catwoman #14 DC
04. DC Universe Presents: Black Lightning and Blue Devil #14 DC
05. Fables #123 Vertigo
06. A Game of Thrones #11 Dynamite
07. Green Lantern: New Guardians #14 DC
08. Harbinger #6 Valiant
09. Justice League #14 DC
10. Legion of Super-Heroes #14 DC
11. Red Hood and the Outlaws #14 DC
12. Star Wars: Agent of the Empire - Hard Targets #2 of 5 Dark Horse
13. Sword of Sorcery #2 DC
14. Unwritten #43 Vertigo
15. X-O Manowar #7 Valiant

Graphic Novels
Walking Dead: Vol. 17 - Something To Fear (TPB - collects #97-102) Image

Reading List:

Amazing Spider-Man #698 Marvel
Captain America #1 Marvel
Clone #1 Image
Daredevil #20 Marvel
Indestructible Hulk #1 Marvel
Iron Man #2 Marvel
Judge Dredd #1 IDW
Supergirl #14 DC

Welcome back to another installment of my pull list. It is Thanksgiving week, and hopefully you can get your butt down to your local shop or on the internet to download get your books.
It is a medium week for me overall, except for the Marvel NOW! titles. Weren't these supposed to be released on a one number one per week for twenty two weeks schedule? I guess not.
I'm getting ahead of myself. The books I'm looking forward to this week are: X-O Manowar, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Catwoman and Justice League. A Valiant book sneaks into the top four this week and I can honestly say that it is long over due. X-O Manowar is a fantastic book by Robert Venditti with art by Lee Garbett. Valiant has made their mark in the comics industry this past year bringing readers strong titles about old characters that for a long time seemed to be lost to the history of comics from the 90's that came and failed. Valiant has brought these characters back to life, and I find myself looking forward to not only X-O Manowar every month, but the other titles as well: Harbinger, Archer & Armstrong, Bloodshot and most recently Shadowman. If you haven't jumped on the Valiant books you need to.
Catwoman seems to make it on the top of my list not because of Death of the Family, even though that helps, but because I'm really enjoying the direction the book is taking with the character. And yes, I do buy two copies of this title; one for me and one for my Catwoman loving girlfriend Calli.
As usual a Green Lantern book has to be represented on my top four. New Guardians has been okay, but I found that the first year the story dragged on a bit to long for me. With the Rise of the Third Army story arc starting, and Kyle learning to control the different color rings my interest has been renewed in this title.
And last, but not least there is Justice League. Even though Jim Lee is off the book, Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel have kept the greatness that this title has had going. I'm always curious to see what happens in this book, and I'm glad DC kept an artist on that has a similar style to Lee's. Can't wait.
For the most part all of the titles on my pull list this week are good reads that I enjoy month in and month out. One exception is DC Universe Presents. The current story arc with Black Lightning and Blue Devil is good, but I could be off of this book with the next arc depending on creative team and characters featured. If you remember Challengers of the Unknown by Dan Didio or the Kid Flash story you know what I am referring to. I like the overall concept of DC Universe Presents and I hope the books sticks a round for awhile to give us a glimpse into other characters in this "Ne w 52". Maybe a story about the Outsiders or Geo-Force on his own. Just a suggestion.
Vertigo has two titles on my pull list this week: Unwritten and Fables. Unwritten is interesting, and I've been reading the single issues since the beginning that I was for awhile just picking it up, because I always did, but it isn't half bad. I think when I go back and read it again in bigger chunks I'll like it even more, but it is an interesting title. As for Fables I am enjoying it, but I miss the epic stories that used to grace the pages of this book. The last few story arcs haven't been the best, but I'm hopeful that Fables will turn around and hit me with some awesomeness. Bring Back Boy Blue!
Batwoman has hung on to being on my pull list, and I'm happy it has. The Wonder Woman cross-over has really given this book a good footing, and I hope this trend continues.
Legion of Super-Heroes is still on my pull list, and I can't seem to bring myself to cut it. Maybe it is a small guilty pleasure of mine every month. Got to have some Legion, and definitely not the X-Men version after reading X-Men: Legacy #1 last week. Legion: Lost is good, but this main Legion title doesn't have the same feel as the older volumes. Only time will tell with this one.
Star Wars: Agent of the Empire - Hard Targets is a fun read that lets me see the world that is Star Wars. I'm like Agent Jahan Cross, and John Ostrander knows his stuff when it comes to Star Wars. Hopefully Star Wars can stay at Dark Horse, because if the Star Wars comics go over to the dark side that is Marvel I will shed a tear.
Sword of Sorcery hasn't lost my interest, and has been engaging enough to keep it on my pull list. It was cool to see The character make an appearance in Justice League Dark in the last issue and the Annual. So much more to see from this book. I'm just going to give it time.
Red Hood and the Outlaws has started to have Starfire wear more clothing, which sucks, but the book is fun, and it is going to start crossing into the Death of the Family story arc in Batman so you gotta read it just for that alone.
I mentioned that Harbinger was solid earlier, and if you didn't get the message about the Valiant books, you need to just go out and read them already.
My read list is full of Marvel NOW! titles. Iron Man #2 will hopefully redeem my interest. Captain America #1 will probably be a fine comic by Rick Remender, but with John Romita Jr. art it will never be great. Amazing Spider-Man #698 is out and Dan Slott has told people that this "is" the issue you need to read and retailers didn't order enough. Retailers didn't order enough because they don't want to sit on issues right before the end of a run. Of course Slott says that it all has to do with the story. I'll have more to say about this later. I'm curious about the direction Mark Waid is taking Hulk with Indestructible Hulk so maybe this one will interest me like Thor last week. Supergirl crosses over with H'El on Earth so I'm reading it. There is a new Judge Dredd comic out from IDW that I was going to check out, and Clone from Image looks to be interesting. We can only wait and see. Remember too that the latest Walking Dead graphic novel is out today, which I will most likely blow through in an hour, and give the Bleeding Cool Magazine a try. Who knows it could be something that replaces Wizard Magazine. Anyway, get to your shop or over to our digital storefront, and get your books. Don't forget though that you still have to get Cranberry Sauce. Happy Thanksgiving!

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