Monday, August 27, 2012

What Comics Am I Going To Bind Next?

After two comic book binding experiments I must say that I am really into comic book binding. So after some thought and research I have come to the conclusion that I am going to become a comic book binder (not professionally).
There are so many titles in my collection that just sit around unread, because they aren't complete runs or I just haven't had time to dive into them as single issues. So, binding these titles seems to be the best course of action, because it will reduce the size of my comic book collection (at least in long boxes), I will get to create my own library of titles, and finally binding books will help me fine tune the titles I actually want to collect in single issues. Even though it is an investment I know that if I bind it, and I don't like it there is always eBay.
So, far I have a fair amount to find, but here is a list of the titles that I'm going to be taking up to Herring and Robinson in Brisbane for the binding treatment:

Ascension - Almost done getting all the issues I need.
Catwoman - This will most likely be fair amount of volumes, but I am going to get as much in as I can. This is going to be a trail run for other longer running series.
Crimson - I'm actually experimenting with multiple covers, and chrome variants with this series.
Curse of Spawn - All done and ready to go.
Guardians of the Galaxy - This will be a multiple volume collection, but I'm going to get the ball rolling with Volume 1.
Wild C.A.T.S. - Same as Guardians, but I'm going to try to include a lot of the variant covers, mini's and cross overs in this multiple volume collection, because I have always liked the dynamic of this title, and it was the book I enjoyed the most from Image.

In all I think with this first batch I will have about 8 bindings total, maybe more. I will post the progress of each here as I get them done so stay tuned for more. I may also need your help in finding some of these titles or figuring out how to go about organizing them together for binding.
I know with Wild C.A.T.S. I am having a time of trying to get everything in order for this binding collection (and no, I'm not going to bind the gold covers). I have a Reddit post asking for any help with my Wild C.A.T.S. reading order so check it out here if you have some input.
With that I must get to the stacks!

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