Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random Comic Pick - Episode 20

My random comic pick on The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 20 is the DC comics series Manhunter by Marc Andreyko with art by Jesús Saíz & Jimmy Palmiotti. Manhunter has many incarnations, but this one follows District Attorney Kate Spencer who serves her own kind of justice inside the courtroom and out. Spencer is tired of super villains getting away with their evil deeds and escaping the justice of the courts. She decides to take matters into her own hands. Spencer throws together a secret identity with a variety of devices from heroes and villains: a Darkstar costume, Azrael's Batman gloves for enhanced strength, agility and resistance to injury, and using Mark Shaw's power staff which allows her to fire bolts of energy Spencer becomes Manhunter and her justice is deadly.

Manhunter is collected in five soft cover trades:

Manhunter (Vol. 1) - Street Justice
Manhunter (Vol. 2) - Trail By Fire
Manhunter (Vol. 3) - Origins
Manhunter (Vol. 4) - Unleashed
Manhunter (Vol. 5) - Forgotten

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