Monday, August 22, 2011

Caught this from the DC Rejiggered 52 Panel at the BCC

At the Baltimore Comic Con there was yet another DC "The New Rejiggered 52" panel and in a Comic Book article I came across the following about the renumber of DC:

A long-time fan complained about the renumbering of DC's longest-running books. "I was really looking forward to 'Action Comics' #1000."

Palmiotti pointed out that even if there wasn't going to be an "Action Comics" #1000, there would be a thousandth issue of "Action Comics." "In my head, 'All-Star Western' #1 is really 'Jonah Hex' #71."

Good to know that the Marvel way of thinking about renumbering has finally poisoned the well over at DC. We as collectors/readers/fans can expect a thousandth issue of Action Comics because that high number will sell more books just because of the number, but we will never truly have an issue #1,000 which is a once in a lifetime milestone.

This year marks the death of long running sequential comics in the Marvel and DC universes and no one seems to care.

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