Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Comic Book Binding - Booster Gold Update

It finally came! My bound volume of Booster Gold comics came in the mail on Saturday the 13th and it looks awesome.
Herring & Robinson did an amazing job binding the 29 issues I sent them: Booster Gold (Vol. 1) #1-25, Action Comics #594, and Secret Origins #33-35 into a nice hefty hardcover that is about as thick as the Incredible Hulk Omnibus.
I could have taken out ads and the letters to the editor pages to reduce the thickness of the volume, but I like flipping through and seeing the old ads and the old letters from fans. To be honest I was a little weary about the cover being gold and the lettering and trim being blue but it turned out amazing. And Higgins thought it was a nice touch to have the old DC logo stamped on the spine.

My total bill for this slightly thick volume (with tax and shipping) came to about $30. Herring & Robinson are definitely worth looking into for book binding. I am now going to have to get them my first two volumes of Batman and the Outsiders and start building my library with some great looking hardcovers.

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