Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prelude to Thor Movie

I've always had a hot and cold feeling about Thor. Sometimes I like him other times I don't. So, this Friday night (5/6/11) I will be watching Thor and hoping that the movie falls into my like Thor category. The trailers haven't done anything to catch my interest except that the Destroyer and (what appear to be) Frost Giants look awesome.
I will not be watching this movie in 3D. I actually like watching my movies vs. getting a headache trying to experience some novelty that didn't catch on years ago and honestly never will.
My girlfriend is really excited for the film not from a comic stand point; she thinks Chris Hemsworth is HOT! He's okay in my estimation, but I did like him in his small role in Star Trek as Kirk's father. Let's see how well he can carry a whole film as the God of Thunder, but he does have some good back up with Oscar winners Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins.
We will talk a lot of Thor in Episode 7 and on the Geekbox Forumsso I'm going to end my prelude here.

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