Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flashpoint Map Sparks Racism?

The world according to Flashpoint has raised the racism flag again. Africa is "Ape - Controlled" and there is an "Asian Capital". DC is now totally racist. NOT!

The internet is a buzz with this fan-boy rant bullshit and I for one think it is yet another example of the stupidity of people as a whole. The main reason for these "Ape - Controlled" and "Asian Capital" labels are simple; Gorilla Grodd is from Gorilla City, which is in Africa, and this "Asian Capital" is in Asia, as in the fucking continent!

So, where does the racism come into play here? Oh, I know, narrow minded people with personal filters made out of ignorance and stupidity only see the "drama" in the meaning of something. Watch any reality TV show for an example of this.

What I got from the article on Comic Book Resources are as follows:

1) DC is NOT racist.
2) Fan-boys have way to much time on their hands now that they don't have to go shop for their porn out in the real world. Stream-Beat It-Repeat.
3) People are stupid. This is a given though.
4) The internet sucks yet again.
5) DC is NOT racist.

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