Thursday, October 10, 2013

Walking Dead: Season 4 Premiere is Sunday People!

Now I have been hesitant to watch cable TV shows when they come out live, because I haven't had or cared enough to have cable. Also, for years I have enjoyed watching cable TV shows in chunks on DVD or Blu-ray. Yes, I'm always a year behind, but it was just cost efficient to do it this way.
Well now I have cable service at my house since it came with the internet package I signed up for this summer through Comcast. I just got the Economy Channels, which in my area includes the AMC channel. So, this Sunday at 9:00 PM I will be sitting down to watch the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead.
I will do my best to stay current with it all season. So, check back here for my reactions to the show, and maybe some The Walking Dead comic information too; since it is an amazing series that you should be reading.
If you are interested in reading The Walking Dead then you should pick up issues #1-114, which for a limited time are on sale for $99.99 digitally at the Comics Conspiracy Comixology Storefront. Or you can get a great deal on the huge The Walking Dead: Compendium One over at Amazon. (When I made this link it was only $27.14 [retails for $59.99])

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