Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Random Comic Pick - Episode 80

My random Marvel comic pick on The Comic Conspiracy: Episode 80 is the 2005 Jonah Hex (Vol. 3) series written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti with interior art by various artists.
This volume ran for 70 issues, and I have been curious to read through it ever since I got hooked on the "New 52's"All-Star Western. So, I decided to pick up the first trade from Powell's Books while I was in Portland, OR last month, and I when I got back I found a copy of the second trade at another local shop. When I read them I blew through both trades in a day. Great, great stuff, and I'm really excited to get through the rest of this series. Sad part though is that DC has put many of these trades out of print so you might have a tough time finding them. And in DC's trade department's infinite stupidity they didn't number the trades as they came out. So, I've included a list with the title and volume number for each of the trades collecting this Jonah Hex series:

Jonah Hex (Vol. 01) - Face Full of Violence
Jonah Hex (Vol. 02) - Guns of Vengeance
Jonah Hex (Vol. 03) - Origins
Jonah Hex (Vol. 04) - Only the Good Die Young
Jonah Hex (Vol. 05) - Luck Runs Out
Jonah Hex (Vol. 06) - Bullets Don't Lie
Jonah Hex (Vol. 07) - Lead Poisoning
Jonah Hex (Vol. 08) - The Six Gun War
Jonah Hex (Vol. 09) - Counting Corpses
Jonah Hex (Vol. 10) - Tall Tales
Jonah Hex (Vol. 11) - Bury Me In Hell

Even if you don't like westerns I think you'll really enjoy the world of Jonah Hex that Palmiotti and Gray have wonderfully crafted. I'm hooked after just two trades, and I'm not one for westerns, but this series makes me enjoy the Americana of the Wild West even more. Filled with violence, grit, darkness, evil, revenge, fairness, fear, death, gun fights, explosions, hangings, great art work, and the spirit of intense and amazing writing this run on Jonah Hex is well worth reading. Now I have the fun task of tracking down the rest of the trades. Wish me luck.

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