Friday, April 6, 2012

Comic Conspiracy Avengers Vs. X-Men Party

On Tuesday night we had a little early launch party for Avengers Vs. X-Men #1. And we at Comics Conspiracy did it up in style: with a cheesy drink menu, awesome food prepared by Ryan's girl friend Leann, Toby got some delicious cup cakes (check image above) from Rad Creations, there was some great conversation, and a gathering of our fantastic customers. How could you have missed it? There could be numerous reasons you were unable to attend so here are some photos to let you see just what you missed:

The drink menu, and it was an open bar! (the Bubweiser was Molson Canadian)

Can you spot some of your favorite Conspirators?

The White Queen came by to show her support for the X-Men!

We had some free swag to give out. Which side were you on?

Ryan ringing up AvX purchases...What could he be thinking? $,$,$...$!

April 3rd is also Ryan Higgins birthday and we made sure to celebrate it despite Ryan's general dislike of birthdays and aging. He still claims he is only 29. I thought only women did that. Anyway, here is our little surprise "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Higgins. Toby brought the cake.

(video from Fade2Black)

I didn't eat any of the birthday cake, but I did have some of those delicious cupcakes that Toby got from Rad Creations. I might have to order some for Brody's 1st birthday.


  1. Ha Higgins rocking a Flash tshirt for all the sad Marvel fans. More evidence to support my theory: Ryan Higgins is a big jerk!

    1. I was going to where a Batman or Sons of Anarchy Shirt, but I decided to rep the Geekbox instead. And you need more proof that Ryan Higgins is a jerk?

  2. Dude I must have missed this cake video the first time around - he looked like he was going to flip that thing into someone's face. That would have been back - looked like it had about 40 candles on it.

    1. I just loved the picture of Higgins at the end of the video. Classic Higgins stuffing his fat face...priceless.