Thursday, June 30, 2011

Already Burnt Out On #1's?...I am!

This year has seen numerous number one relaunches and these are only going to increase in the coming months. I'm burnt out already. Looking through Previews this month at the DC solicitations for September I can honestly say that 2011 feels like the year of the number one. Fifty-Two number ones are hitting comic book shelves and book stores just from DC alone, and Marvel is renumbering and relaunching Uncanny X-men and Captain America to name a few. I believe this would constitute an overload of number ones.

I'm not completely behind DC's Relaunch/Reboot/Ultimate whatever because of the renumbering of Action and Detective Comics, and Marvel's renumbering of Uncanny X-Men. Why would you renumber two comic books that have been coming out since the late 1930's in the case of Detective and Action, and the only title in the 616 universe that has never to be renumbered. Oh wait, I know the answer to this question; to make more money. DC is taking a huge chance here and I actually hope it blows up in their faces and Marvel, well Marvel is like a rat with nicotine; they know it's bad but they do it anyway. Renumbering is a stupid way to increase comic sales for a very short period of time (see Marvel sales charts for a great example of this). All we can do is wait right now and be buried under the pile of number ones coming out from DC and Marvel.

A little math here (I know most people hate math), if you were to pay cover price for just the 52 of DC's number ones coming out in September (not including tax) you would be dishing out $156.48 to try them all out. If you kept up this practice for 1 year you would have dished out a minimum of &1,877.76 to follow only the 52 titles DC is pumping out in this Relaunch/Reboot/Ultimate whatever. If you live in the lovely broke state of California you will have to dished out almost $2,042.06 (based on an average sales tax rate of 8.75%). I understand that DC is still drawing the line at $2.99, but still 52 titles. Fuck!

The only thing we can do now is wait and see were these Relaunch/Reboot/Ultimate whatevers take DC and Marvel while we open our wallets to try and enjoy the characters we have loved for years. I think that's why I cut the DC 52 list down to 36 and I'm always ready to drop a book that sucks. Marvel knows this more than DC, but that may change in the coming months. Is there a pill for this #1 overload?

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