Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Kickstarter - Wahcommo

I have been backing a lot more comic book projects on Kickstarter since the Covid pandemic hit. The ones I tend to like more are the campaigns that are for a complete graphic novel collection of content. There are many different types of comic book Kickstarter Campaigns, so you might be suprised at what you could find.

Magnetic Press had started another Kickstarter campaign for a book called Wahcommo written and drawn by Spanish creator Luis NCT. The Kickstarter edition of the book has a cool variant cover from Karl Kerschl. The original cover is by Luis NCT, and is available now at Amazon, and from your local comic shop. I hope you enjoy my package opening of Wahcommo. You'll get to see first hand that getting these books through Kickstarter can get you some cool extras.

I actually received this book in the middle of June after waiting for almost an extra two weeks to actually receive it. It bounced around California before finally getting to my place. I recorded the video awhile ago, but finally was able to get the motivation to get it posted here on YouTube. I do hope you enjoy and the next one coming up will be for another Magnetic Press book Brindille.

(I was disappointed with how the items were packaged. Quartermaster Logistics needs to improve.)

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