Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Conspirator Brock's Pull List for 3/18/15

For all of the curious people out there wondering what I like to read week to week here is a list of the titles I am going to be picking up for the week of 3/18/15:

(Note: I have included deep links for some titles if you wish to support Comics Conspiracy when you buy digital comics. I have not included links to Dark Horse books because you cannot support us currently by buying them through our site.)

01. Batgirl: Endgame #1 DC
02. Batman Eternal #50 DC
03. Batwoman #40 DC
04. Divinity #2 Valiant
05. Earth 2: World's End #24 DC
06. Ivar, Time Walker #3 Valiant
07. The New 52: Futures End #46 DC
08. Outcast #7 Image
09. Trinity of Sin #6 DC

Reading List:

All New Captain America #5 Marvel
All New X-Men #39 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man #16.1 Marvel
Black Widow #16 Marvel
Chrononauts #1 Image
C.O.W.L. #9 Image
Eight #2 Dark Horse
Green Lantern: New Guardians #40 DC
Guardians Team-Up #3 Marvel
Invisible Republic #1 Image
Moon Knight #13 Marvel
Punisher #16 Image
Red One #1 Image
Spread #6 Image
Star Wars: Princess Leia #2 Marvel
Superman #39 DC
Zero #15 DC

Well I really have a lot of reading to get to, and you some books to get from your local comic book store, or online at our digital store. You can still order comics from us directly by visiting the shop, giving us a call (408) 245-6275, or by dropping Ryan an email at On comic book orders of $25 or more shipping is free.

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Now that all of the plugging of random stuff is out of the way, you should get out there, and enjoy some good old fashioned comic book reading. Thank you for stopping by.

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