Monday, February 9, 2015

Heroes and Villains - Episode 101

Steve Garcia Art*
There is this great and informative podcast hosted by Bruce Leslie called Heroes and Villains that dives into a "Who's Who" or "Official Handbook" entry of information on a specific character every week. Each episode has a guest that brings some knowledge or love for the character to the table. These intimate talks about a character cover origin, physical appearance, powers, weaknesses, affiliates, and enemies. The podcast goes even further with the discussion by diving into personal experiences with the character, their appearances in other media, and the influences that went into creating the character. And finally for the curious listener there are reading and / or what to watch recommendations to get to know the character highlighted in each episode better.

Back in December Bruce invited me back to be on episode 101, where we talked about one of my favorite time travelers, Booster Gold. It was fun to be back on the Heroes and Villains podcast. Despite the headache that can happen when you discuss time travel it was a great talk about the greatest super hero you will never know.

Check out the episode here: Heroes and Villains - Episode 101

You can follow Heroes and Villains on Twitter: @hvpodcast

*If you like the silhouette of Geo-Force check out Steve Garcia on Deviant for more!

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