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The Comic Conspiracy Comic Book Club - April 2014 - University Squared: The Angry Years

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Welcome to The Comic Conspiracy Comic Book Club monthly announcement. On the last episode of The Comic Conspiracy every month we will discuss that month's comic book club selection at some length, and announce the next comic book club selection we will be reading. There is a poll for every Comic Conspiracy Book Club Selection here at Conspirator; so come here to cast your vote. (The poll can only be viewed in the web version of Conspirator, and it will be located on the right side of the page underneath the "About Me" box.)

Comic Book Club Selection for April 2014: Toby's Pick


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"University² (pronounced University Squared) is a collection of all Frank Cho's daily college strips from the University of Maryland student newspaper. These are the college strips that launched his career in the world of syndication. University² is the precursor to Liberty Meadows and is a must for fans who want to see the raw humor that evolved into Liberty Meadows."

Toby's selection for this month's Comic Conspiracy Comic Book Club is University2: The Angry Years from Frank Cho.Toby continues his creator driven book club selections with this title, but at least with this one there is going to be some reading involved. I personally haven't read a comic strip title in years. I believe the last one I read was some Calvin and Hobbes collection, which reminds me I need to look something up. Anyway, you should check this out, because it is Frank cho's amazing art, and from what I have heard so far about the title it is funny.

We will discuss this title at length on Episode 156 of the Comic Conspiracy, which we will record on April 28, 2014.

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