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The Comic Conspiracy Comic Book Club - February 2014 - Gotham City Sirens (Vol. 1): Union

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Welcome to The Comic Conspiracy Comic Book Club monthly announcement. On the last episode of The Comic Conspiracy every month we will discuss that month's comic book club selection at some length, and announce the next comic book club selection we will be reading. There is a poll for every Comic Conspiracy Book Club Selection here at Conspirator; so come here to cast your vote. (The poll can only be viewed in the web version of Conspirator, and it will be located on the right side of the page underneath the "About Me" box.)

Comic Book Club Selection for February 2014: Omar's Pick

Gotham City Sirens (Vol. 1): Union

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"Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn have a new agenda. They are tired of playing by other people's rules — now they're planning to strike out in their own unique way."

Omar's selection for this month's Comic Conspiracy Comic Book Club is Gotham City Sirens (Vol. 1): Union by Paul Dini with art from Guillem March. I want to apologize to you readers out there about this book club selection. Omar didn't follow the key requirement for a book club selection, which is it has to be "IN PRINT". We understand if cannot afford to participate in this month's book club.
Batman's female villains team up in this series, and it is a great book about three of the prominent female Batman villains. The art is amazing in this series and for those of you who read the New 52 Catwoman series you know Guillem March's work; truly fantastic. Well you can decide if you want to check out this month's book club selection digitally, but for me I have to dig out my single issues for this one.

Omar mentioned Guillem March's art book Cover Girls, which is on my list of to buy art books. I've flipped through it, and the work is a tribute to the female form.
Cover Girls - Buy on Amazon | Buy on Comixology

We will discuss this title at length on Episode 147 of the Comic Conspiracy, which we will record on February 24, 2014.

Contact the Shop to file a complaint about the fact Omar picked a title that is "Out of Print".:
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