Saturday, August 3, 2013

This has nothing to do with comics...

I was at my computer checking e-mail, and I found myself replying to an e-mail from a fan of the podcasts. This fan in particular a few years ago had helped me resurrect my dead PS3 by sending me a replacement part. I am still grateful to this day for his act of kindness. What got me while I was writing a reply wasn't the pay it forward mentality he displayed or the fact that there had been no contact after the technical transplant had been done. It was the fact that I hadn't sent an e-mail or letter to someone in a very long time that was just me writing as if I were talking.
In today's age of texts, tweets and status updates I had forgotten what it felt like to actually watch my fingers race across the keyboard and write something that had more meaning than a blog post about my pull list. It felt good to actually just write something to someone that felt like I was just having a conversation.
In the end I think I have just missed writing. I will have to get back to it, because it is something that, in some small, but very important way, gives me a small bit of enjoyment that does end up going a long way.

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