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Conspirator Brock's Pull List for 1/2/13

For all of the curious people out there wondering what I like to read week to week here is a list of the titles I am going to be picking up for the week of 1/2/13:

(Note: I have included deep links for some titles if you wish to support Comics Conspiracy when you buy digital comics. I have not included links to Dark Horse books because you cannot support us currently by buying them through our site.)

01. All Star Western #15 DC
02. American Vampire #34 Vertigo
03. Arrow #2 DC
04. Batman: The Dark Knight #15 DC
05. Flash #15 DC
06. Great Pacific #3 Image
07. Justice League Dark #15 DC
08. Red Lanterns #15 DC
09. Superman #15 DC
10. Talon #3 DC

Graphic Novels
Green Lantern: Vol. 2 - The Revenge of Black Hand (HC - collects #7-12 and Green Lantern Annual #1)

Reading List:

All New X-Men #5 Marvel
Batman Incorporated #6 DC
The Fury of the Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #15 DC
Morbius: The Living Vampire #1 Marvel
New Avengers #1 Marvel
Teen Titans #15 DC

Welcome to 2013! Now some of you might be screaming that DC is late with their #15's this week, but they are actually not late. The were solicited to be released today, and DC did this so that there wasn't two huge weeks in a row right at Christmas time. So, those of you who aren't that in the know, well now you know.
Now that that is out of the way let's get on to what I'm looking forward to this week: All Star Western, American Vampire, and Justice League Dark. Jeff Lemire is doing some interesting stuff with Justice League Dark, and this book really ties together the "Edge" titles that DC has been putting out. American Vampire has been the wonderful combination of Scott Snyder's writing with Rafael Albuquerque's crisp art that I keep recommending to people and they want more. And finally, All Star Western has been the gritty work of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray that gives readers a glimpse into the history of the New 52 through the tales of Jonah Hex. This issue is tied to "The Black Diamond Probability", which is turning out to be a title spanning event to bring about the return of Eclipso. We will see where this goes. These titles keep delivering some great stories and are well worth reading every month, and if you need something good to add to your pull list these titles are great choices.
"H'El on Earth" continues in Superman this week, and to be honest it isn't doing anything for the Superman family of books. The main villain H'El isn't a great character and we are a month into this cross-over event and I have been nothing, but bored with these titles. Almost to the point where I may have to drop Superman from my pull list down to my read list.
Image's Great Pacific is still trying to find its legs, and despite the second issue falling a bit short for me I'm going to stick it out and see if it can get back on its feet.
The digital first Arrow titles continues in print this week with issue #2. The first issue and the preview were fair introductions to this version of the character, but I must say the episodic randomness of issue one didn't grab my attention. I'm not sure if this title will hold my interest if it doesn't level out and give me a full story in one print issue. As for the show itself I haven't watched it yet, but from all of the great reviews I'm itching to see it.
Batman: The Dark Knight has been really dark and really good. The Scarecrow story that is coming to a close has been a roller coaster ride of really intense moments that I praise Gregg Hurwitz for his writing. He has breathed life back into this title after David Finch was struggling with writing and art duties. If you like Batman this title is a nice escape from all of the other stuff that is going on in the Bat titles right now.
Talon is still spreading its wings, but it has made its mark on my pull list and I look forward to seeing where things go with this Ex Court of Owls Talon.
Francis Manapul has been doing great work with Flash and I'm really enjoying this title. Let's see if Flash can get out of the predicament he is in with Grodd.
The "Rise of the Third Army" has been taking to long to unfold and that is apparent in Red Lanterns. Let's see if something in this title can bring Red Lanterns back from yet another story arc that takes to long to tell.
Green Lantern: Vol. 2 - The Revenge of Black Hand the nice hardcover hits shelves today, and yes I had to snatch up a copy for myself. It think once I get this one home and put on the shelf with the other Green Lantern hardcovers I'll want to start the Geoff Johns run all over again.
As for the books on my reading list:
Morbius: The Living Vampire #1 doesn't look to be very interesting. if Amazing Spider-Man #699.1 was any indication this book won't last 8 issues. The baby variant cover however is awesome.
All New X-Men has past Beast trying to save present Beast and is it true past Jean Grey realized in a single moment how powerful a telepath she is when it took her so fucking long in the actual X-Men books to realize this. I'm thinking Xaiver mind wipe slash power inhibiting mental block. This book is out way to fast and really sucks.
More herky-jerky story telling from Grant Morrison with Batman Incorporated get your Wikipedia pages ready.
New Avengers #1 comes out this week and I'm curious if this is the big team Captain America and Iron Man were talking about in issues #1 and 2 of Avengers, or is this Black Panther and the Hickman Avengers or is it bringing back the Illuminati, which in theory is a good idea, but never pans out well. Still hopeful for a good Avengers book.
Firestorm has redeemed itself enough to be a solid stay on my reading list. Captain Atom appears in this issue.
Teen titans crosses over with "Death of the Family" this week. Reading only for the cross-over, but don't except much.
Well that is it for my pull list this week. Now get your "recovering from last night" ass down to your local shop or over to or Comics Conspiracy's Digital Store to get your books. See you next week.

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