Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WonderCon 2011

Today was the first time I ever attended a WonderCon because I have always never had money or time to attend in the past. It was all I expected it to be and more. My wonderful girlfriend Calli, my unborn son Brody, and Calli's father Randy joined me for this geek fest, and even they had a blast. Brody was kicking a lot at while we were there. I hope it was because he was excited to be there and not out of fear.

There was a lot of stuff to see and do so we only walked the floor and checked out the convention as a whole. Still there were some memorable moments. One of the first things I saw was the Mattel booth where they had some of the large scale DC Universe Legion of Superheroes figures out this August; just in time for my birthday!

And while I was at the booth I swapped a Validus left leg for Kilowog's right arm. Now I need to build me a Kilowog figure. Oh yeah!

We also saw and met Robert LaSardo.

Calli has been really freaked out by him ever since she saw him play Escobar Gallardo in Nip/Tuck. Thank you Robert for being an awesome person on screen and off.

I got to meet Paul Levitz. This was a joy for me since I have just recently gotten into the Legion of Superheroes. He was nice enough to share a few words with me and he wanted me to thank my dad for making Atari games. Paul loves him some Atari. He signed my Great Darkness Saga Hardcover and took a photo with me. Thank you Paul

Definitely going to print this one up and hang it on my wall.

WonderCon 2011 was a lot of fun and if I missed you out there this year, well there is always next year.

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